Please note: Some rules may differ slightly from EU Rules in accordance with South African Fishing regulations.  Please like and follow the facebook page for any major announcements

Important Rules for 2024


  • All participants must submit a copy of their fishing licence & ID doc upon Registration.
  • Boat inspections will take place between 6 – 8am on Sunday morning. Please ensure you have all required equipment ready before 6am.
  • Competition starts at 10am on Sunday 11 May 2024 and ends on Friday 17 November 8am.   
  • Only 4 Rods per team are allowed
  • Fish qualifying weight: 7kg 
  • No angler may enter the neighbouring peg at any stage during the competition
  • No loud music whatsoever – Immediate disqualification
  • No Rubbish allowed – Camps must be clean at all times – Each team responsible for its own rubbish removal after the tournament 
  • All pegs must have portable toilet (porta potti) 
  • All pegs will have a angling direction indicator 
  • Food, Wood, Ice, Cold Drinks and Braaipacks will be available at the kiosk at Base 
  • Open fires must be secure and safe at all times. Marshals have to approve your fire pit before the fire is lit. 
  • Toilets & Showers must be kept clean at all times. 
  • Only 3 Anglers are allowed per team – No Helper (4th person) allowed in the team. 
  • Maximum boat motor size is 9.8hp 
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times. Should an angler enter the water without one will result in Immediate disqualification.
  • Camps must be set up on the waterside of the Emergency Road in front of the trees. 
  • Speed limit on gravel road is 20km/ph 
  • No Alcohol abuse will be tolerated
  • No Arguments will be tolerated
  • Please adhere to all Marshall and Media team instructions at all times
  • Teams are to establish boundary lines upon arrival at the peg.

The SA Carp Classic will adhere to the WCC Rules & Regulations – To view the rules click here  

For Example: Small Petrol powered outboard motors are allowed – up to 9.8hp

For any uncertainty please email:  – also note that a Q&A session will take place during the opening ceremony